Export Import

In 0.99e version, we’ve added the Export / Import section to let you migrate your PoliGraf configuration (vCenter credentials) AND data (wisper files) from one appliance to another.

The process is fairly simple, you click on Generate export bundle and the appliance creates you an iso file to download (this might take from few seconds to few minutes depending on your environment size). If a dump is already present, Generate export bundle function will overwrite it without prompt.

Once you got the iso file, you map it to your new PoliGraf VM’s CD-ROM drive, refresh the page and then click on Run import process (This might also take a while depending on your environment). At the end of the process, the iso is ejected for safety purpose:

The import only applies to vCenter connections and collected metrics, NO PASSWORD will be changed in the process.
Be aware that importing a dump from or to a different version is not supported even if it is supposed to work.
Also, be very careful when importing since the process will overwrite anything in its way so it might be a good thing in a migration scenario but also a disaster if you do it on the wrong appliance. Anyway, we always advise you to make a backup or create a snapshot before patching or importing data on your VMs.

The export won’t contain any of your custom Grafana dashboards and you’ll need to export/import via json files yourself as documented on the Grafana’s website.